This (dis)Courses project is an experiment in empowered and creative learning communities. Each (dis)Course relies on both the wisdom of a facilitator and the wisdom of the stories, experiences and expertise that each participant brings into the room. At Creation Lab we are most curious about the intersections of the arts, justice and prophetic imagination. We believe that the role of the artist and the arts are essential to not only movement of racial, economical and eco-justice but also to the healing and well-being of our communities. To that end we hope to collaborate with artists, practitioners, performers and facilitators that share our curiosity and our commitments. If you have an idea for a (dis)Course you would like to facilitate, collaborate or participate in email us at [email protected]

Take a look below at our upcoming (dis)Courses. To register, send an email with your name and info including the identities that are important to you as well as the name of the (dis)Course you would like to register for. We make a practice of centering PoC, queer folx, differently abled and non-conforming bodies. You will receive email confirmation and information on how to pay your financial contribution to the (dis)Course. Cost of (dis)Courses will be listed next to their descriptions. If the cost is prohibitive and you would still like to participate please reach out for other options.

Theatre of Oppressed (dis)Course
With Lis Valle @ Creation Lab

October 5, November 2, December 14 from 10am – 4pm. There will be a break for lunch on your own.
$30/person for each session
If the cost is a challenge for you and you would like to participate please make contact and we will work with you!

October 5: Reconnecting Our Bodies for Community Organizing The way we live often disconnects us from our bodies. Using Theatre Image, a technique of The Theatre of the Oppressed, we will get reacquainted with our bodies as a form of creating community and organizing together. In this workshop we will get reconnected to our bodies through activities and techniques from the Theatre of the Oppressed. We will collaborate to create a community collage of images. Come in comfortable clothes so that you are free to move!

November 2: Rehearsing the Revolution We will explore the Theatre Forum, a technique of The Theatre of the Oppressed. We will engage the issues that face our communities with our bodies through movement and activities. This exploration of our stories and our bodies will show us the way to solutions.

December 14: Masks and Rituals Using a technique of The Theatre of the Oppressed called, Theatre as Discourse we will unmask the way power is at work in our lives and communities. We will use mask making, movement and theatrical activities to explore the power dynamic of our communities and to empower ourselves to take action.

Death Boxes

Saturday November 9 | 12:30pm – 4:30pm

Inspired by the folks at The Order of the Good Death, Creation Lab is examining how Americans deal with (or don’t deal with) their own mortality. Since Illinois law requires that bodies are placed in a flammable container before they are cremated, we’re taking the opportunity to have a say in what the end of our lives look like by crafting our own containers. We invite you to join us and explore what it means not only to confront, but to embrace our mortality.

emBody Drawing

September 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th from 6pm – 8pm.
$50/4 weeks (8 hours total)

“I touch my own skin, and it tells me that before there was any harm, there was miracle.” ~adrienne maree brown

We are curating a four-week inquiry into the beauty of our queer, gender-bending, non-conforming, joy-seeking bodies. In this course we will teach and learn from one another, we will center queer, PoC and non-conforming bodies first and we welcome art-makers of all skill levels and discipline. These two-hour gatherings will include a short conversation, some beginner instruction for those who desire it along with 90 mins of drawing time. A variety of surfaces and mark-making materials will be included, you are also welcome to bring your own to use or share.

We are seeking models at $50/session or one could trade modeling for one session in exchange for attending the four-week (dis)course. Please email your name and information to [email protected] for more information on modeling or to sign up for this (dis)course. We will center queer, differently-abled and PoC first and include others as there is space.

To pay your (dis)Course contribution use this paypal link. Make sure to choose the “pay a friend” option and choose the amount that is listed on the (dis)Course description, and please make a note of which (dis)Course you’re paying for!